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You should find most of our forms here. If you need assistance, please call our office at (651) 201-1711.


Perkins Local Application Online Form

  • Perkins Local Applications are now submitted online through MnSCU WebGrants. Submit your application online at
  • Find a directory of all local Perkins here.

If you have questions about the application or need the application questions clarified, contact Debra Hsu at (651) 201-1686 or Yingfah Thao at (651) 201-1681. In our absence, contact Jared Reise at (6510 201-1711.


Perkins Local Application Instructional Videos


Perkins Local Applications - Secondary Budget Form

If you need assistance, please contact Michelle Kamenov at (651) 582-8434 or


Personnel Activity Report (PAR) Forms

Minnesota Guidance on PAR Reporting (Upadted March 2011)


Secondary Program Approval Forms

Program Approval Forms (Links to secondary forms at MDE)


Technical Skill Assessment Participant Forms (for secondary teachers)

Non-state Expense Report (Updated 3/2/2015)
Sub Teacher Pay (Updated 3/2/2015)

IMPORTANT: These forms must be submitted within 45 days after the event took place.
Questions about these forms and where to submit them can be directed to Anne Danielson at the Minnesota Department of Education (651) 582-8333 or

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